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                                                  WRITING and PUBLISHING RULES

Corresponding author should send their manuscript in
"". And  should suggest four reviewer name, address and e-mail address about manuscript subject to examine the manuscript. At most two of them will be in your country and others will be different countries. Two reviewers are selected from these or editor assign another reviewers. A final decision to accept or reject the manuscript will be sent to the author along with any recommendations made by reviewers. Editor's Decision is final Reviewers advise the editors, who are responsible for the final decision to accept or reject the article.

Manuscript must be written in “Times New Roman” with 12 type size in Word for Windows. The article must not be indented and paragraph breaks must be 1 line (12 pt). 

Heading: The title of the paper should be informative, but preferably not exceed twenty words. Just under the heading, give title, full name(s) of author(s) (surname(s) in capital letters), with full address and e-mails of each on a separate line.

Abstract: An abstract provided at the beginning of the paper will indicate the main aspects of the subject, to be followed by 5-7 key words.

Text: The standard order of sections for original papers is as follows: Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Conclusions and Discussion, Acknowledgements, References. The scientific names (e.g. genus- and species-group names) are to be italicized. For faunistic research, please use ♀, ♂ symbols, instead of these use female, male words. Please write upper genus categories with capital letters.

Illustrations: Illustrations, graphs, original drawing, photographs their caption or legends should form in your manuscript.  Legends and title of the graphs and tables must be in “Times New Roman” with 12 type size. In the text attribution to the figures should be given in parenthesis and must be abbreviate like this; (Fig.1).

References: In the text, reference to the literature should conform to the “name-and-date” system, e.g. (Author, 1975); Author & Author (1963); Author (1995-1999); Author et al. (2001). The list references will be given at the end of the article and listed alphabetically, according to the following examples, all periodicals must be unabbreviated.

Author, K. L., Author, M. N., 1985, The sturucture of abdomen in family Georricidae, Turkish Entomologist, 25: 315-326.

Copyright Notice: When the manuscript is accepted please fill The Copyright Form and send with attachment to